estrutura4Centro Universitário de João Pessoa (UNIPÊ) has written a history of commitment with society. Founded in 1971 by six religious educators under the name of Institutos Paraibanos de Educação (IPÊ), it gained the present name in 1997, when a presidential decree granted extension, teaching and administrative autonomy to the institution. From then on, it consolidated itself as one of the largest and most renowned private centers of higher education in Brazilian northeast.

The quality teaching administered with the use of modern technologies is one of the basic fundamentals of UNIPÊ, associated with the practice of social responsibility, respect for the environment and meeting of demands of the labor market. These are the principles that guide its performance as one of the most respect institutions of university education in the region. They are responsible for the recognition of UNIPÊ in evaluations carried out by the Ministry of the Education, Brazil´s Bar Association (Law Course), Federal Senate and by important universities abroad with which it keeps agreements and exchange programs. Centro Universitário de João Pessoa is known for excellence in higher education with merits.

The campus is situated in an area next to the preservation of the Atlantic rainforest, a place densely covered with trees and ecologically correct, with open spaces and horizontal buildings.

About 12 thousand students in undergraduate courses, specialization courses and master program.The teaching staff is mostly made up of doctors, masters and specialists.

Poli-sport complex with roofed gymnasium, semi-competition swimming -pool, official athletics race track, soccer fields, sand courts, martial arts room, body-building , dance and artistic gymnastic. Students who won gold, silver and bronze medals in 2007 Brazilian University Students Games.

Computerized library with 1.782m2 of area and a collection of 160 thousand books, video collection, booths for individual or group study and multimedia room.

Laboratories equipped with modern software and equipment in Geoscience, Cartography and Aerial Photography, Archeology and Anthropology, History Studies, Computer Science, Architecture and Physical Education.

School-Clinics of Psychology and Speech Therapy, Phytotherapeutic Complex and Physiotherapy Laboratory. Dentistry Course and Lab, Periodontics and Endodontics in the school-clinic.

Offices for Accountancy Practice and Juridical Practice, Special Court for Civil Causes, in agreement with the State Court. The only private institution of higher education in Paraiba recommended with the seal of quality by Brazil´s Bar Association.

Academic Facilities with auditoriums, classrooms, exhibition halls, banking service, food courts and campus administration.  Cultural Space with theater -auditorium, chapel and post-graduation block.

Social responsibility with the assistance to thousands of needy people in the clinics of Psychology Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy and Dentistry, besides free juridical assistance and projects of digital inclusion. UNIPÊ also carries out programs of social action with mobile services of health, citizenship and social assistance.

International office


Daniella Pereira Barbosa
Eduardo J. N. de Aquino

55 83 2106 9237


Campus UNIPÊ
Reitoria – Sala 396
BR 230-km22, Água Fria
CEP 58053-000
João Pessoa-Paraíba